So. When Brill's Content went and folded, I was presented with some options for the balance of my subscription. One of them was the Atlantic Monthly. Everyone is probably generally aware of the magazine. Since it's senior editor, Michael Kelly, was killed in Iraq, the magazine has been circling in a downward spiral of hackery that is making the magazine unreadable.

The March 2005 issue is the straw that has broken the camel's back as far as I am concerned. In an article entitled "The Accuser" (subscription only for the entire article) by William Langewiesche, who I thought was better than this, I read, in a quote very boldly set off in a side bar, this:

"For twenty years Hania Mufti was the most persistent investigator of the Iraqi regime's crimes. It is because of the efforts of people like her that Saddam and his lieutenants will now be brought to trial."

What. The. Fuck. Over.

And here I thought it was because 140,000 soldiers from the United States, Britian, and Austrailia invaded the place, defeated Hussien's army and captured him and his cronies. (Those that weren't killed that is).

Whatever other virtues Mufti may have, apparently she is against the plans to try Hussien, along with such groups as Human Rights Watch, because, they assert, Justice cannot be served by the Iraqis.

Langeweische himself says in the article, "A nation court in Iraq is simply incapable of delivering the sort of justice required."

I think the Iraqis know just what sort of justice is required.

So here again, we see the goal posts being moved once more, together with absurd attempts at rewriting history. This irritates me so much I think I'm acutally going to go through the bother of cancelling my subscription rather than just let it run out.

Look for more of this from the usual suspects in the future.

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